late night workout

I'm Korean but I was adopted by a wonderful white family when I was two. I
never knew my parents. From what i've been told, they died in a car accident when we first came to
America. I wouldn't have it any other way, they're the only family I know and I love them. I look like
your typical asian kid, I've been told I'm very good looking. I have very feminine features when it
comes to body type and other physical features. The most noticable to me is probably my girly butt.
I've caught a lot of men staring at my ass ever since I was twelve. Being only 5'6", I wouldn't think
I would attract so much attention, but I notice it more and more every day. The stares escalated to
more when we moved into a new upscale neighborhood complete with a 24 HR gym and indoor pool, a golf
course, and a secluded lake to go swimming in. My dad worked as an engineer for the government or
something so we live pretty well. My mom stays at home with me and my older brother and sister.

The best part about the new neighborhood was the gym, mostly because it was open all night, but also
because they had showers. For as long as I can remember, taking showers in public turn me on. I guess
its the thought of being naked in a public area that does it. Being sixteen though, my parents would
have never let me go by myself to gym in the middle of the night. I would get my stuff together in my
backpack and sneak out when I was sure everyone was asleep. When I got there, the place was usually
empty. Except for one night...

I got to the gym around twelve. When I walked in, I was surprised to see another guy there. He was
probably in his mid-thirties, real big, with a buzzcut and just spandex shorts on. The first thing I
noticed about him was his massive bulge in the front of his shorts. I never considered myself gay, but
I caught myself wondering what his cock looked like, what it felt like, tasted like. I tried to push
the thought to the back of my mind and do my routine workout. Things were normal for the next hour. I
would see the stranger from time to time working on a different piece of equiptment. I swear he was
watching me. I got to the treadmill which I always saved for last. There's a line of treadmills that
face a wall lined with mirrors and a few tvs hanging from the ceiling. Five minutes into my jog, I
noticed the stranger behind me working with some free weights. I then realized he was staring at my
ass. Just the thought of him watching me run sent a shiver up my spine and a tingle in my crotch. I
had to cut the run short and try to relieve myself in the showers. I shut off the machine and made my
way to the lockerroom. I had to pass the stranger on my way there,and as I passed by it almost looked
like he winked at me.

I picked my stall, got in and proceeded to get undressed. Images of what I thought his cock looked
like kept going through my head as I showered. I looked down to admire my impressive hardon.
Regardless of my asian background, I'm proud to have a decent 7". I went back to shampooing my hair
when I heard the lockerroom door open. I stopped lathering my hair to listen. It was hard to make out
anything over the sound of the shower running. I still had my eyes closed because of the shampoo when
I heard the footsteps. I listened intently, forgetting to wash the shampoo out of my face. The steps
got closer until they stopped in front of my stall. I froze. Then I heard the curtain open. I
instantly turned my back to the shower entrance to hide my semi-hard dick. Almost as quickly as the
realization that my ass was now exposed, I felt the hands on my hips. The mere touch of his hands
sent chills up my spine. The thought of another man touching my body intimately made me want to run
straight home, but it was like my body was betraying me. I couldn't move. Thats when I felt the soft
yet firm growth pushing in between my asscheeks.

"You got a real nice ass. I've been watching you all night." I could feel his breath on the back of
my neck. The feeling between my cheeks were getting bigger. "I saw you teasing me all night. I can
tell you want it."

I still couldn't see anything, and that only enhanced the sensations. His hands began caressing up
and down my sides. I could feel him lightly humping my butt. I felt helpless and vulnerable within
his strong grasp. He massaged my back and kneaded my asscheeks.

"I knew you were a little cockslut. You love dick don't you? You want this cock inside you." He
continued his verbal abuse as he kept exploring my body with his hands. I could feel that his cock had
made its way under my ass and between my thighs. The heat radiating off of it was like nothing I had
ever felt before. When he started nibbling on my ear, I thought I was going to cum right then and

"You ever suck cock before?" I could only shake my head. I knew where this was going and my mind
started racing. "Well I think it's about time you had your first taste. Get down."

I slowly squated down to where I was in the postion you see so many music video girls in when they're
shaking their asses. I sat there, anticipation growing inside, until I felt something push up against
my lips. The new feeling caused my cock to jump. As I parted my lips, he slowly slipped into my
virgin mouth. Most of the soap had washed off my face when I got down to take his member in my mouth,
so I was able to open my eyes. When I did I was shocked to actually see the size of the monster
pumping in and out my mouth.

"Yeah baby, you know how to do it. Suck Daddy's cock just like that." His encouragement and dirty
talk was actually turning me on. He placed a hand on the back of my head and pushed me further down
until I was about halfway down his nine inch monster. "Oh shit! I'm ready? You ready
for this load? You're gonna swallow all of it." The first three shots went straight down my throat.
He pulled out as the fourth shot went off hitting me on the cheek. He placed his cock back in my mouth
and slowly face fucked me. When he finally pulled out my mouth I was exhausted. He lightly slapped my
face with his spent cock and smeared the cum still on my cheek to the rest of my face. He left without
another word, leaving me sitting in the middle of the shower, out of breathe, trying to figure out
what just happened.

When I finally collected myself, I finished washing up and went to the lockerroom to get dressed. I
opened the locker I had stuffed my clothes in to find it empty. I looked through every locker to
come up empty handed. I started to panic when I heard voices. Again I froze. They got closer and
closer to the lockerroom. I ran back to the first place that came to mind. The showers. I hid in
hid in the corner of the same shower stall that I had just used. After awhile the talking stopped and
it seemed as if they had left. I queitly crawled on my hands and knees to the shower curtain, being
extra careful not to make any noise. When I got to the curtain after what seemed like hours, I pulled
the curtain to the side and poked my head out slowly looking to the left. What I wasn't expecting to
see was a fat eight inch cock staring back at me. For the thrird time that day, I froze.

late night workout